Wild West Romance Shot Full of Love


…I’m Kirsten Lynn; lover of the West, romance, and of course cowboys! One of my greatest joys is roping these together in stories pairing hard-headed, strong, intelligent men with women who can stand boot to boot with them, or go toe to toe to bring them to heel. Of course since it’s the West I have fun adding a few gunfights, fistfights, saloon brawls and all-out fandangos.

Take off your hats (feel free to leave your boots on) make yourselves at home and roam around a bit! Make sure to saunter, mosey, jostle, ride shank’s mare (whatever will get you there) over to Campfire Coffee where you can grab a cup of Arbuckle’s and get an earful from Cookie on Western history, Western fiction, or whatever the ol’ coot is jabberin’ about.

It’s lonely in the saddle, so I hope to see ya often on my trail to publication.

Here’s How!